The summer brings back a flood of old memories. The heat of summer brings back memories of relaxing vacations with lots to celebrate. It is common for people to welcome the hot season with gusto. Aza and Two Sisters By Gyans collaborated to create Khushi, inspired by the relaxing warmth of summer. This collaboration builds on the summery vibe, with eclectic creations perfect for sunny days.

Two Sisters By Gyans, who are known for their mastery of a monochromatic color palette and exquisitely, have once again succeeded. Two Sisters by Gyans seamlessly blends classic tailoring with contemporary silhouettes. The result is modern, voguish shapes that are suitable for many occasions, resulting in perfect for any occasion, from intimate gatherings to glitzy soirees. The collection includes stunning ethnic wear that is perfect for nuptials and celebrations of any size.

Two Sisters, Gyans and Aza, Embrace Sweddingsth Khushi

Two Sisters By Gyan aims to capture the elegance of Indian heritage with their vintage-inspired designs. Designers adapt heritage textiles to create versatile designer clothing that bridges the gap between tradition and comfort. The result are timeless pieces suitable for many occasions.

The capsule collection includes masterpieces of impeccable craftsmanship, such as Banarasi Brocade and ancient embroideries. The pastel colors that embody the pale wave aesthetic of the sunny days are what exemplify summer vibes. Highlights are the embellishments which have carved a place for themselves in the fabrics. The pieces, made withatorgette and tissue silk, are like a soft, gentle kiss on your skin.

The meticulously crafted Khushi Collection by Two Sisters Gyans x Aza empowers its wearers to embrace special moments and stay true to themselves. These idyllic pieces will help you celebrate the sun in style.

Khushi from Two Sisters By Gyan X Za presents a beautiful lehenga set, a traditional kurta set, and an easy-to-wear Kaftan set. Each piece is crafted with care and has a unique, easy-to-wear Kaftan setory spirit.

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